15 Killed In A Terrorist Attack In Kenya


On Tuesday, gunmen linked to the Somalia-based Islamist group "Al Shabaab" opened fire in a hotel and office complex in Nairobi, Kenya. There have been 15 confirmed deaths from the assault. An official from the US State Department confirmed that an American citizen was among the 15 that have been reported dead. After the attack, the people in the hotel started evacuating the building. Even hours after the attack, evacuation was still ongoing. In addition to gunfire, an explosion was also reported in the area. On Wednesday, the Kenyan president said that the gunmen were killed by Kenya's security forces.

This isn't the first time Kenya was attacked by Al Shabaab. In 2013, a shopping center was attacked by the terrorist group. The attack killed 67 people. In 2015, Al Shabaab attacked a university in Kenya. Around 150 students were killed and 79 were injured from the attack.

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