2019 NCAA Tournament First Four Games

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

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On March 19th, the NCAA Tournament started off when the Fairleigh Dickinson Knights played the Prairie View Panthers in Dayton, Ohio. Following that game, Belmont played Temple; the winner of that game will play No. 6 Maryland.

Ten minutes into the Dickinson and Prairie View game, Prairie View lead by 13 with a score of 6 - 19. At halftime, Prairie View was leading by 7 with the score being 34 - 41. Prairie View had the lead for about 27 minutes straight, then with 7 minutes left, Dickenson tied the game with a jumper that brought the score to 59. Dickinson ended up winning that game 82 - 76. Dickinson’s senior guard Darnell Edge scored 33 points. He was 7/9 in three-point shooting and was the leading scorer. The 5 starters scored all 82 of Dickinson’s points. Both teams were looking for their first NCAA Tournament win, but Prairie View will have to try again.

Next, Belmont played Temple. During the game, Temple couldn’t keep a lead. Temple was leading 48 - 46 with 13:34 left in the second half. The lost their lead with 9:49 and unfortunately for Temple, that was their last lead. They were down by one point with 8:01 left, but after that Belmont went on a streak and won the game 70 - 81.

On March 20th, N.C. Central faced N. Dakota State. At half time for this game, there was no clear winner. NDSU was leading most of the first half and was leading by 6 at halftime. With about 15 minutes left in the second half, NCCU started a comeback. When they started the comeback, the score was 36 - 49. With almost eight minutes left, NCCU tied the game with a three-pointer. With 5:23 left in the game, NCCU had the lead by 5, but couldn’t hold on and by 3:54 NDSU tied the game with a three-pointer. After that the biggest lead was when NDSU was up by three, then NCCU called a timeout. NDDU made a jumper and then made a layup; with 20 seconds left, NCCU called another timeout. NDSU was still up by 3 with the score being 75 - 72. NCCU fouled and NDSU had two shots. They made one, enlarging their lead to four, then missed the next. NDSU fouled on the other end and NCCU made both of their free throws and cut NDSU’s lead to two. NCCU fouled again, so NDSU went to the line and made both free throws making their lead four again. The game ended and the final score was 74 - 78 in NDSU’s favor. Finally, Arizona State played St. John’s. During this game, there were two ties. The first was when there was 17:17 left in the first half and with 15:48 left in the first half. Other than those ties, Arizona State had the lead for the whole game. Arizona State’s biggest lead was 18 with 5:17 left in the first half. With 3:41 left in the game, St. John’s was able to cut Arizona State’s lead to seven, but due to St. John’s not scoring for over two minutes, Arizona State was able to enlarge their lead to eleven. Arizona State ended up winning by nine with a score of 65 - 74. Those are the NCAA First Four games that happened from March 19th - 20th. Round One starts on March 21st at 12:15 PM ET with #10 Minnesota vs. #7 Louisville.

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