4 People Murdered Outside Building in North Dakota

(Brian Jackson/Chicago Tribune)

In North Dakota, 4 people were murdered near a building owned by a property management business. Three of the dead bodies were male and the other one was female. The bodies were discovered by the police at 7:30 am while attempting to respond to a reported medical emergency. Currently, the police do not know how or why the people died, but they suspect the people were murdered, which is why the case is being treated as a homicide case. It has also not been confirmed if the people that were murdered were employed by the business at which their bodies were discovered.

The police chief, Jason Ziegler, claims that this was an isolated event and has assured the public that there is no reason to worry for their safety. Ziegler commented, “A lot of the information you’re going to ask me, I cannot answer. It is very important that investigators have the ability to follow up and look into leads and everything else before questions can be answered.” Ziegler has also asked those that live or work near the crime scene if they can provide any information.

In addition to the police, the state investigation bureau is also going to be investigating this crime.

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