58 Dead And 305 Missing After A Dam Bursts In Brazil

On Friday, a dam in Brazil near an iron mine burst. The dam later collapsed the same day. When the dam burst, it unleashed muddy debris into the area, which devastated thousands. A spokesperson for Civil Defense stated the death toll had risen from a presumed 37 to an astounding 58. In addition to that, hundreds of civilians in the region are still reported as missing. The extent of the damage doesn’t end there. Heavy rain has added on to the

volume of the mud and debris that have destroyed hundreds of homes, along with stunting the ability of search and rescue teams to save civilians

Brazilian authorities halted work in multiple dams in fear of other dams collapsing as a result of the large amount of power that the mud had gained recently. The orders were later recalled, as the dams were no longer at risk of bursting. No dam has burst in Brazil since 2015. These events may increase security of dams in Brazil, as the dam wasn’t reported with any problems in structure or strength and met Brazilian standards for dams.

When the dam burst, 427 workers were in the mine, and only 361 of them have been located and rescued. Out of the 361 rescued, 23 were hospitalized. However, the 361 people who were saved were only around half of the victims, as 305 people are still reported missing and have not been found.

The Brazilian state judiciary has frozen more than $260 million as an effort to help the victims of the incident. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro flew above the scene and later stated "We will do everything in our reach to help the victims, minimize damage, investigate the facts, claim justice and prevent new tragedies like the ones in Mariana and Brumadinho for the well-being of Brazilians and the environment.” This has conveyed that many people in Brazil are trying to help the victims of the unexpected dam burst.

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