A New Study Says Ultra-Processed Food Increases Death Risk By 14%

A recent study has revealed that ultra-processed foods, which are a large part of the average American’s diet, could be deadly. The study, which consisted of analyzing the diet and health condition of around 45,000 middle-aged people revealed dreadful results. It showed that people that consume ultra-processed food at an increased rate have a 14% increased chance of death within the next eight years.

Thousands of studies in the past has led to this conclusion, as studies in the past had suggested that only cancer and high blood pressure was caused especially from consumption of foods such as white bread, sugary cereals, ready meals, and carbonated sodas. However, the recent study has relayed that it may increase the overall mortality rate by around 14% by mostly other ways.

The study has also relayed that there is severe problems with our food production companies, as if one food item is contaminated, many others could follow through, which could lead to a massive recall of food taking place. The spread of disease is also increased from the artificial preservatives that ultra-processed foods are filled with as the companies want to keep it looking fresh and healthy.

However, ultra-processed foods shouldn’t be America’s only worry about food. The sheer amount of food that is made leads to a large amount of food and energy waste. In the United States, enough food is made to feed everyone in the world every day. However, a large amount of it is wasted. This leads to the food being wasted in landfills. Normally, food would just decompose, but when it is in a landfill it mixes with the other materials there. This causes it to produce methane gas. Around 145 million metric tons of methane gas are emitted in the United States per year alone, and even more metric tons are emitted in other large countries such as China or Russia. This means that a lot of work and energy is also wasted in the production of food. This shows that our current production of food is alarming, and we should attempt to prevent food waste before it gets worse.

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