'A Quiet Place' May Have A Sequel

The 2018 thriller, A Quiet Place, may have a sequel. It was teased by John Krasinski in a Twitter post that said, “...time to go back”. Attached to the Tweet was what appears to be a possible poster for the movie. The image shows the farm from the film, where most of the movie takes place. The interesting thing about the picture is that you can see some red lights in the background.

If you’ve watched the movie, then you know that this means the sequel will indeed be taking place after the first movie ended. Under the picture and text there is a date that reads, “5-15-20”. This is probably the release date of the movie. Krasinski is going to be very involved in this film. It is confirmed that he will write and direct it. Fans have very high expectations for Krasinski, as he did a very good job with his work on the first movie.

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