A Riot Breaks Out In West Virginia

On Friday, a riot broke out in Morgantown, West Virginia. A group of college kids were sledding down Spruce Street. After having a couple of beers, about 100 college kids were throwing trash into the street. To avoid people getting hit by cars, the Morgantown University Police Department went down to stop the kids. The cops turned on the siren to scare them, but the students got excited and lit a fire instead. After trying to get the kids to give up the beers and get off the road, the Morgantown Police Department arrived.

When the cops got there they shot pepper balls from a paintball gun into the crowd. The students retaliated by throwing bottles and other objects at the officers. The students are most likely going to be arrested for public intoxication, littering, battery on an officer and a few other charges. It has not yet been said if anyone was injured.

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