A Scientist In China Was Caught Illegally Altering Multiple Embryos

Recently, a scientist named He Jiankui has seriously violated state laws and regulations. Jiankui, whom has been working in Hong Kong, has done this by genetically altering multiple embryos to be resistant to certain diseases. Jiankui was caught when genetically modifying a couples’ embryo, as the father had HIV, which could possibly spread to the child. This raised concern as skeptics noted that the genetic alterations could spread to the embryo’s children, and they could have genetic defects from it. Jiankui was also accused of funding his own private research that consisted of many tests to genetically modify embryos.

However, some of Jiankui’s patients have already given birth, which could eventually lead to an epidemic as the genes could spread in the offspring of the genetically modified children.

Many people are accusing China of not having strict rules on genetically modifying humans, and this case will most likely inspire them to make and enforce strict laws on genetic modification of human subjects.

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