A Shooting In Illinois Kills 5 People

On Friday, an employee for a manufacturing company stationed in Illinois known as Henry Pratt Co. shot at the company’s suburban Chicago plant, killing a five bystanders and injuring five police officers. The shooter was later identified to be a man named Gary Martin who was in his mid-forties; his motive is still unknown.

The company was used to produce valves for industrial purposes on a large scale and supply them to nearby cities. The building was also quite large, being around 49,000 square feet. This means that many workers were in the building at the time of the shooting, so the police force’s response had to be immediate.

The police force took about four minutes to get to the company after the shooting was reported, and immediately after entering the police officers were fired upon by Martin. Five officers were injured, but eventually an officer fatally shot Martin.

After the incident, seven patients were reported to be hospitalized, and two of the cops were airlifted to trauma centers within the city of Chicago. Another cop was reported to have suffered a knee injury, but officials have not released the total amount of injured bystanders of the shooting.

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