A Stranded Digger is Rescued After His Crane Gets Stuck in a Muddy Beach

Yesterday, at 18:30 GMT, a crane got stuck in a muddy beach whilst digging in Snettisham, England. The crane had been trying to stabilize the sand on the beach. The Hunstanton Coastguard had to call in two winches to save the digger inside from the rising tide. Robert Tear, a man from the rescue company, said that in another hour the man would’ve drowned and that it was a race against time to save him.

When the winches pulled the crane out, its entire lower half had been covered in mud. Mr. Tear stated, “We've had to rescue three or four excavators from beaches around The Wash recently and that's unusual. In 26 years of business we have done many of these recoveries but you can go for years without any incidents.”

This is one of many unfortunate incidents to happen to diggers on the beach. Hopefully they will be able to stabilize the beach with no more accidents.

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