Patrick Shanahan will be Sending 320 Soldiers to the US-Mexico Border

(U.S. Army / Monica King)

The Pentagon has announced that Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan will be sending 320 soldiers to the US border in order to help transport migrants. The new troops going to the border will also perform other actions to help out at the southern border. “DoD personnel will assist in driving high-capacity CBP vehicles to transport migrants; providing administrative support, including providing heating, meal distribution and monitoring the welfare of individuals in CBP custody; and attorney support to the ICE,” Lt. Col. Jamie Davis told CNN.

Although the 320 troops that will be sent to the US-Mexico border will be helping ICE, they won’t be doing any law enforcement themselves. "DoD personnel will not perform any law enforcement functions," Davis stated. "In any situation that requires DoD personnel to be in proximity to migrants, DHS law enforcement personnel will be present to conduct all custodial and law enforcement functions, and provide force protection of military personnel."

There are currently over 3,000 soldiers serving at the US-Mexico border. The new troops will add on to that number.

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