Actor Kristoff St. John Passes Away

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An actor named Kristoff St. John recently died at the age of 52. Kristoff was an actor who starred in several shows such as Young & the Restless, That’s My Mama, Charlie and Company, The Bad News Bears, The San Pedro Beach Bums, Hangin, Diagnosis Murder, Airli$$, Martin, and Living Single.

The first time Kristoff St. John appeared on television was when he was 7 years old and he was on a series known as “That’s My Mama”. St. John was born in New York City and is the son of an actor named Christopher St. John. Unfortunately, St Johns son died at age 24 while he was a patient of a health facility called the La Casa Psychiatric Health Facility which was located in Long Beach, California. St.

John stated in 2017 that he was angry about the last footage of his son that the Health Facility captured. Shortly after, his ex-wife filed a lawsuit against the La Casa Psychiatric Health Facility. In 2017, Entertainment Weekly reported that he had taken a short break from acting in order to deal with mental health issues. His son was going to marry a model named Kseniya Mikhaleva.

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