Alabama Promotes Anti-Gay Ideas in Classrooms

Alabama teachers are wondering how they should teach students about LBGTQ issues. But of all the state laws, Arizona's is the only one that bans promoting "a homosexual life-style," says University of Utah law professor Clifford Rosky.

Some claim that these policies don't just look down on gay sex, they look down on homosexuality as a whole.

Alabama says that their policies are meant to reduce HIV/AIDS, but the policy actually says that teachers should not "homosexuality as a positive alternative life-style" or suggest there are safe ways to have homosexual sex.

Here is a current list of all laws against Homosexuality.

According to GLSEN, 71 percent of Alabama's LGBTQ students reported being verbally harassed at school. It is hard to be comfortable as yourself if your school does not approve of your identity. Students, teachers and parents are fed up with these policies, and organizations like the ACLU are working to end these laws, and make it so all students are treated fairly.

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