America needs to do something about violence, and it isn't gun control.

As almost everyone saw, about a month ago from the time this was written, a Pittsburgh Synagogue was attacked, leaving 11 dead. Still to this day, many Synagogues are attacked, and Jewish symmetries have had tombstones broken. Just recently, a Jehovah's Witnesses community in Washington State has been attacked with firearms, and has had buildings burned down by an arson. Cases like this seem to be happening more often. Personally I think incidents like this can be prevented by education. In schools, they should work hard to teach students that people have different beliefs, and that is okay. Also, people and organisations need to find ways of protest other than violence. Have a problem with a group or religion. Great! Instead of violence you could educate people about what you think they did wrong, publicly speak out against them, and support legislation to prevent what they might be doing wrong. America is a divided place to live in, but a bit of tolerance could go a long way. Also, some are driven to carry out tragic acts due to mental illness. If you think someone is acting out of the ordinary, contact someone and get help, before they hurt themselves, and others.

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