An 11 year Old Saves Herself From A Kidnapper

In New York City on Saturday at 8PM, an 11 year old girl was going to Saturday school when a man started following her in his car. Witnesses reported that the girl saw the man and tried to run away. As she tried to run away from the man (who was threatening her with a baseball bat) threw her into his car. She started to scream. Luckily, a man named Alex Salas, a resident in the neighborhood they were in, heard them. When he came out armed with a baseball bat, the kidnapper yelled to him “What are you? A superhero?”. Mr. Salas held off the man with his bat while the girl escaped. She ran and got the police to come with her. When they got there, Alex Salas was still holding the kidnapper. The kidnapper was later identified as Reylin Estrada who was arrested on counts of kidnapping, unlawful imprisonment, acting in a manner injurious to a child, and possession of a weapon

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