AdSense Anti-Vaxxers Need to Stop.

Anti-Vaxxers Need to Stop.

As you know, Anti-Vaxxers usually refuse to give their children vaccines , and in general do not support Vaccines. I won’t go into why they are wrong, everyone knows that vaccines don’t cause autism. I believe that vaccines should be mandatory for all children (except for children who are allergic). It is actually bad for other children if your child doesn’t have vaccines. Children who are allergic to vaccines need everyone else to have the vaccine, it is called Herd Immunity. Your kid dying from your stupidity is one thing, but willingly letting other kids to die since you read something on your Facebook feed is something only someone with a low IQ could do. Some people just should not be allowed to have kids. People who refuse to give their kids vaccines should be fined or jailed, and had their kids removed. This is not a choice.

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