AOC Can't Seem to Keep Her Own Facts Straight

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Image from GeekWire

AOC spent a large amount of time explaining why “farting cows” are killing the planet, and included as an issue in her “Green New Deal”. If you were not familiar, the Green New Deal is a non-binding resolution that hopes to stop climate change. It plans to almost eliminate the production of non-electric cars, limit the use of planes, and stop the effects of “farting cows”. It also had a controversial section that is now taken down from AOC’s website that says they will offer assistance to those “unwilling to work”.

Other than mentioning farting cows, her campaign denied that their website ever mentioned that they would offer assistance to those unwilling to work. One person from her campaign went on Fox News and claimed they had their facts wrong when Tucker Carlson brought it up, and she even tweeted about how Fox News was trying to spread fake news; however, someone found the original URL, which was archived. The “Unwilling to Work” section was on the page, demonstrating that AOC clearly was aware that this was on her website but was happily lying about it.

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