Apple Plans To Release A New MacBook Pro

Apple is planning to design and release a new 16-inch size Macbook Pro in 2019. Currently, little is known about the new Macbook, but many new features are expected, along with the increased screen size. It is expected that this size increase will enable Apple to expand battery life. Unfortunately, this will most likely cost more than other Macbooks for anyone that chooses to purchase this.

People speculate that in this new Macbook Apple will be fixing the issues with speakers making a crackling noise while playing audio and problems with Apple’s butterfly keyboard. Ming-Chi Kuo, a source for Apple's new products, expects that Apple is also going to be releasing a new 13-inch Macbook with 32GB of RAM.

Kuo also says that Apple is going to be creating a new 6K monitor and new iPad Pro models. He also claims that Apple will be making a new bilateral wireless charger, which allows you to charge other devices through the use of your iPhone, in addition to new frosted glass cases.

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