Ben Shapiro's 'Baby Hitler' Comments Were Put Out Of Context

Rich Polk/ Getty Images

On Friday, conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro caused outrage. In a pro-life march in Washington DC, he said that most pro-life people wouldn’t kill baby Hitler if they had the chance. “The argument, I guess here, would you kill baby Hitler? And the truth is that no pro-life person on earth would kill baby Hitler. Because baby Hitler wasn’t Hitler — adult Hitler was Hitler. Baby Hitler was a baby,” Shapiro said.

You might think Ben Shapiro has sympathy for Hitler at first, but that is not the case. Shapiro is actually talking about the claim that abortion lowers the crime rate because future criminals would be aborted. Shapiro claims that we shouldn’t abort babies because they shouldn’t be punished for crimes they haven’t committed yet. He uses baby Hitler as an example.

The media has often left this important context out when reporting. This has given many people the impression that Shapiro thinks Hitler deserved to live into adulthood. The outrage against these statements has lead Quip Toothbrushes to no longer advertise on Shapiro’s podcast.

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