Bernie Sanders Announces His Run For President

Jacob Hamilton / Ann Arbor News via AP

Bernie Sanders, the Vermont state senator, has announced he will be running for office in the 2020 presidential elections. You may remember him from the 2016 elections where he dropped out very late into the election. He had a massive following on the democratic side which he wishes to bring back for his 2020 campaign.

"We're gonna win," he stated in an interview with CBS. He is definitely coming back with a strong support system, and even stronger opinions. He said during the interview, "We have a president who is a racist, who is a sexist, who is a xenophobe, who is doing what no president in our lifetimes has come close to do doing, and that is trying to divide us up,"

This will be an obvious push for Sanders in the anti-Trump community, but also a major setback for his support on the Republican side. He will have tough competition with the dozen other Democrats already confirmed to run, but with what Sanders has already said and his following from the last election he has a good chance on pulling through.

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