Biden Pledges to Cure Cancer in Iowa Rally

On Tuesday, former Vice President and presidential candidate Joe Biden stated in a campaign rally in Iowa that he would work towards curing cancer if elected president.

“A lot of you understand what loss is and when loss occurs, you know that people come up to you and tell you, ‘I understand,’ if you lose a husband, a wife, a son, a daughter, a family member. You look at them and you know they mean well, but you say, ‘You have no idea how I feel.’ But when it happens to you, you know.” Biden said. “That’s why I’ve worked so hard in my career to make sure that — I promise you if I’m elected president, you’re going to see the single-most important thing that changes America, we’re gonna cure cancer,” His words were followed by applause from the audience.

In 2016, Biden headed the Moonshot Program, which was a program that attempted to cure cancer. His previous experience with trying to fight cancer will help Biden with his ambitious campaign promise if he were to become the next president.

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