Bill Weld Takes a Hit at Trump

Paul Marotta/Getty Images

Former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld, who was Gary Johnson's running mate in 2016 and is seeking a Republican nomination, criticized Trump during an interview with CNN on TV. In the interview, Weld stated, “Let’s be honest, the president wants to be reappointed president by the Republican National Committee, and he doesn’t want any interference in that hallowed process. He looks like he would rather be a king than a president who had to work to earn and preserve the trust of the American people.”

Many people expect Trump to easily win the Republican nomination, and it seems that he will. Weld, who is the most popular candidate to challenge Trump in the Republican primaries, isn’t doing very well in polls. In a poll conducted by Monmouth University, only 8% of GOP voters said that they want Weld to win the Republican nomination. Around 10% of the Republican voters surveyed stated that they are currently uncommitted, but could possibly support Weld in the future.

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