Bob Shanks CFO of Ford Retires Replace By CFO of Snap

CNBC, 21 Mar. 2019

Tim Stone, the CFO of Snap, is going to replace Ford’s current CFO Bob Shanks. Tim Stone has plenty of experience with finance. Not only is he the CFO of Snap, the company that owns Snapchat, Zenly, Bitmoji, and spectacles, but he has also worked at Amazon for over 20 years. Stone has experience in the areas of tech and finance which could be beneficial to Ford. In addition to his experience, Stone is valuable to Ford for a few other reasons. One of these reasons is that Ford plans to have a partnership with Amazon and Stone, who has been an employee of Amazon for over 20 years, which can assist them in achieving this goal. Another reason is that Stone can help Ford gain partnerships with other tech companies as well because he is well known in the tech industry. Dave Whiton, a Morningstar analyst, says, “Given the continued integration of tech and the auto industry, hiring someone with tech and finance expertise like Stone has looks like a good move for Ford.”

The US Marketing division of Samsung was placed under an internal investigation, which caused their current Marketing CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) Marc Mathieu to resign from his job. At present, Samsung has not provided information about what the investigation has revealed, but we know that the investigation was about whether or not the marketing staff has conspired with other companies for money. In addition to Mathieu resigning, numerous employees were fired due to the investigation. Mathieu says that he is going to move on to better opportunities. Samsung has not yet selected a replacement. Mathieu was a valuable member of Samsung because he was the one that handled the issues with the Samsung Note 7, launched the S8 and S8 plus, and recommended that Samsung should invest in Youtube. In addition to this, Mathieu has also made appearances on several popular YouTube channels such as Casey Neistat in order to help advertise. Mathieu stated, “Creators are today, in a certain way, the marketers and advertisers of our products.”

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