AdSense Bomb Threats Across the US

Bomb Threats Across the US

As you may have heard there were multiple bomb threats emailed to locations across the United States. They sent emails requesting $200,000 in Bitcoin. they look pretty illegitimate and, they don't provide any proof of the bombs existing. The general consensus is that it was fake it's a little surprising that there are even taking it seriously at this point, considering the number of emails being sent out, with no proof. There are even videos of police showing up outside of buildings which is kind of surprising considering that there is about a 99% chance that these threats are legitimate, although I do understand why they might want the police there in the off chance that there is actually a bomb. Also, the person forgot to use a. In the subject, and uses incredibly bad grammar throughout the email. this leads me to the conclusion that this is probably some prank but they'll still get arrested, considering the number of threats they sent out. Although if they use the VPN is unlikely that they will ever be caught.

From the information we have gathered we cannot find any buildings have been evacuated due to threats. Thankfully there was not much of an interruption at these buildings. They also had a few threats called into Vancouver. No bombs were found anywhere. this just seems to be a version of swatting performed on a national scale, and we still don't know the motivations for a while, and possibly you will never find out who did it. This situation raises the bigger conversation about swatting. If you're not familiar with swatting, so long as the act of filing a false police report on someone, usually pretending to be them and saying that they committed a murder at their house, and then a SWAT team usually would arrive at their house. This is highly illegal and can land you in jail for a few years, and if someone dies during this, you can be in jail for life. We need to come up with better methods to prevent swatting. Email sent out below:

This is the Email Sent Out.

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