China Makes Drones That Can Carry Out Military Attacks

China has made drones mounted with AK-47s that are meant to carry out military attacks. They made a small drone called Blowfish and a drone called the Rainbow-7, with a wingspan of 22m and a max speed of 800 km per hour. They are being exported to Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

This is Just a part of what is considered to be an international "AI Arms Race". The Blowfish A2 can “autonomously perform complex combat missions, including fixed-point timing detection and fixed-range reconnaissance, and targeted precision strikes.”

These drones are manufactured by Ziyan, and can be mounted with either missiles or machine guns. China is proving that they want to be the world leader in AI Drones.

Meanwhile, advocacy groups are saying that these drones should not be used. They are concerned that drones will accidentally kill civilians. We do not know how they are programmed to make decisions.

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