Clemson Takes Its Second Close Loss in a Row

Richard Shiro, AP

Earlier today, Clemson played a game against Louisville. For most of the first half, it was either tied or Clemson had a small lead; however, Clemson had taken a lead of 23-19 by half-time. For the last few minutes of the second half, Louisville was winning, but then Clemson made a huge effort to try and win the game. Unfortunately for Clemson, they fell short and lost. That game wasn’t the only unlucky finish to a game Clemson has had this week though.

On Wednesday, Clemson was up by one point with 9 seconds left and Miami had the ball at half-court. Miami drives to the basket, then with 3 seconds left Miami threw up a shot. The shooter or Miami shot a fade away and then the ball bounced around the rim. Unfortunately for Clemson, it went in. It was a really lucky shot and 0.1 seconds were left on the clock, so there was nothing Clemson could do to redeem itself.

When Clemson played Louisville today, Louisville had the lead with one point and were throwing in the ball under the basket they are defending with 3.5 seconds left in the game. Louisville passes in the bowl to one of the players near the foul line, but the receiver falls. Clemson grabs the ball, puts up a shot, and the player for Louisville who passed in the ball blocked the ball. Clemson gets the rebound in between the hoop and the foul line and chucks it up. Unfortunately for Clemson (again), the shot was too short and didn’t fall as the buzzer went off. Clemson’s next game is against FSU on Tuesday, February 19th at Clemson.

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