Conservative Censorship is Worrying

In January 2018, twitter was accused of "shadow banning" conservative profiles. In August 2018, multiple internet companies banned right wing news outlet info wars. Also in August 2018, Facebook censored Prager U, a non-profit conservative organization. Very recently, google has been accused of trying to cut the ad revenue of Breitbart, a conservative news outlet. These are examples of conservative censorship. We should be worried by this.

It's no secret that that most of the MSM and many tech giants have a bias, and that's ok. Everyone has some sort of bias to one side. But it goes too far when you become so biased, that you censor the opposing side. The censorship has gotten to a point where legal action is needed. In September 2018, multiple tech giants including Google, Twitter, Facebook and Apple were slapped with a class action lawsuit for conservative censorship. All of this is worrying. Conservatives aren't having their voices heard as much as liberals are. No popular tech giant or news network should have a preference, liberal or conservative, and yet, here we are.

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