Delta and Coca-Cola Apologize For Giving Out "Creepy" Napkins On Planes

Recently, Delta Air Lines and Coca-Cola had to apologize for “creepy” napkins on planes. The two companies had put napkins with the Diet Coke logo on passengers seats. The napkins read, “because you’re on a plane full of interesting people and hey… you never know,”. Most passengers were already creeped out by this side, but on the other side it read, “be a little old school, write down your number and give it to your plane crush. You never know…”.

Many passengers complained about these unusual napkins. Many said that it would be strange for someone to look at you on the ride and then walk up and give their phone number to you on a napkin.

Coca-Cola and Delta Air Lines were forced to stop handing out the napkins to passengers. Both companies then apologized for the napkins.

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