DEVELOPING: John Mcafee flees from the United States.

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

BREAKING NEWS: Creator of McAfee Antivirus, John McAfee, is fleeing the United States because of an issue involving Cryptocurrency with the US Government. He has revealed that he had not paid taxes in 8 Years. We learned about this first from this Tweet:

We have contacted the IRS and are still waiting for a response or any verification from law enforcement. Mutable sources, including McAfee himself, are claiming that he was charged with felony by the IRS and this has not been disputed.

Minutes later, we got this photo in of his boat captain, we are working to figure out who his staff are, McAfee has not yet informed us.

From the images so far, we can assume he left in a hurry. After this, he retweets some and posts a meme. From what we can tell, he posted all of this a few hours after he fled, which is a smart idea considering law enforcement was likely tracking his location.

Here we can see that this is in fact not his yacht and seems to be borrowed which seems unusual since he is fleeing the country. I don't see an easy way for him to get it back. The man in the picture, his cameraman, is Robert King according to their Twitter. This is another photo of King (Left), also from McAfee's Twitter.

We also found this old article in the Memphis Flyer:

The article tells us that Robert King has also worked with Julian Assange. We now know that he has a history of working with McAfee.

Here is a photo of his boat and one of his dogs. I am still under the belief that he tweeted this at a later time. Although, McAfee gives us an important tool in our search for him. There are 2 Marinas, both on the East Coast named "Atlantis Marina". This is a photo of the one in New York:

An important detail is that on Google Maps, there is an "Atlantis Mariana Yacht Club" and and "Atlantis Marina Boat Sales"and the businesses are related. They are located in New York City, New York. There is also another place named "Atlantis Mariana" in Maryland, but it is much smaller. Here is a link to the Google Maps Search so you can look for yourself:

Here is the Tweet where he reveals all the information, I recommend watching the video yourself.

Then he posts another photo, not much information,

And then he just posts a dog photo,

And then whatever you describe this as.

And then he drops this video. He goes into more information, reveals his crew, and states that he handed over guns to the Venusian government.

Then, he posts what is a call to action. He states that he believes that the government has treated him unfairly, and this was the last thing posted. We will make updates as he continues to post videos, and as the government releases more information.

NEW VIDEO: John McAfee Claims he is not in danger at the moment.

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