Did Jews Lead to the Rise of Communism?

Since Israeli Jews first entered countries like Germany, Portugal, Spain, Ukraine, Yemen, and others in 70 CE, it has been a wildly popular tradition among Gentiles to blame Jews for events like the death of Jesus Christ, the death of children around Passover, the First World War, 9/11, the 2008 economic crash, and the rise of communism. The purpose of this article is to debunk that last rumour, that Jews are behind the creation and spread of Communism. A lot of people use Marx’s Jewish origin as proof that Communism is a Jewish plot to destroy the Gentile world. While Karl Marx was Jewish, there are a few problems with assuming communism is a Jewish plot; in fact, Karl Marx wasn’t the founder of communism. First of all, communism was actually founded by a Gentile named Victor d’Hupay. d’Hupay, a French philosopher who lived from 1746 to 1818, published a book in 1777 titled “Projet de Communate Philosophe”, in which he laid out the principles of communism. Next, Marx was hardly a Jew. His father, Herschel Mordechai, converted to Christianity in 1817 after the Prussian government threatened to fire from his position as a lawyer if he continued to practice Judaism. That same year, Herschel changed his name from the Yiddish given name Herschel and the Hebrew surname Mordechai to the German named Heinrich Marx. Also, Friedrich Engels, another hugely important figure in the intellectual history of communism, was from a Lutheran family, not a Jewish one.

Many people point to Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky, who were instrumental figures in the formation of the Soviet Union, as an example of communism being linked to Judaism; they were both Jewish. While this is technically true, it is a very dishonest representation of the facts. Lenin’s father was from a Jewish family, but converted to Lutheranism before marrying Lenin’s mother. When Lenin was 15, his father fled the family to re-join the Jewish religion. While this means Lenin was Jewish due to his paternal family, who was also Jewish, Lenin himself was barely a Jew; in fact, he had no idea his father was Jewish. As for Leon Trotsky, he was born in 1879 to a Jewish family and spoke Yiddish during childhood. However, Trotsky became a militant atheist in his adulthood. While Trotsky did participate in Jewish culture, it would be misleading to call him, or Lenin, a Jew. Many of the Communist dictators and thinkers were actually Gentiles. Peter Kropotkin, the founder of Anarcho-Communism, was a Gentile. Joseph Stalin, a Communist dictator, was a Gentile, and was even anti-Semitic near the end of his life. Pol Pot, another Communist dictator, was a Gentile. Mao Zedong was supported by a group of Chinese Jews who helped him get into power but wasn’t Jewish himself. Victor d’Hupay, the true founder of Communism, was a Gentile. Ho Chi Minh, a Vietnamese Communist dictator, was a Gentile. With the exception of Lenin, all seven Soviet presidents were Gentiles. Finally, some Communist thinkers and dictators were anti-Semites. Karl Marx, despite having Jewish origins, published an anti-Semitic pamphlet in 1844 called On the Jewish Question. Most Communist nations banned religion, Judaism included. Lastly, Joseph Stalin, who has become synonymous with Communism, arrested his daughter’s Jewish boyfriend, and then later imprisoned another Jewish boyfriend of hers, merely because of his antisemitic beliefs.

Article written by Sceneable.

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