Discord Unfairly Banned A Youtuber For "Raiding"

Image: Discord

QuackityHQ, a popular YouTuber who is well-known for raiding games, has been banned from Discord. If you aren't familiar with raiding, it's when a mass amount of people go into a game, which crashes the game's servers. Discord gave a warning back in 2018 to QuackityHQ's server about raiding, since it is against its terms of service. He promptly banned anyone who talked about the raids he orchestrated. After that, he was on good terms with Discord, and they even partnered him. But then, he made a video titled “Horrible discord furry servers” where he explicitly stated that it was for entertainment purposes only. He also blurred the server's name, and all of the members' names. He mostly just made funny voice calls with the members. Then, 3 weeks later, his Discord account was manually banned by a staff member for harassing community members. This was clearly inaccurate, as anyone who watched the video could tell that no one was being attacked. QuackityHQ promptly started a campaign to spam Discord's Twitter with #UnbanQuackity. Discord has yet to respond, but the campaign won't stop in the foreseeable future, until they do anything.

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