Donald Trump Met With Democrats In Order To Strike A Deal On Border Wall Funding

Donald Trump met with Democrats on Wednesday in attempt to end the government shutdown. Many Democrats and Republicans held a conversation in the situation room on the topic. The meeting got the two parties nowhere. Trump still demanded border wall funding and democrats still refused to cooperate. Kevin McCarthy, who will become the house minority leader on Thursday, revealed details about the discussion. “We had a long discussion, the president asked us to come back on Friday after the leadership races I think that was a concern for some people to be able to get through, we never did get through the complete briefing from the secretary of homeland which we are concerned about because we do have a crisis on the border right now. We had a violent mob rush yesterday where we had a challenge there but we know that we have a challenge along the border. We want to solve that issue we want to make sure we open this government up." Wednesday marks the 12th day of the partial government shutdown. The shutdown will likely continue into Thursday. This will mean that congress will be inaugurated during a government shutdown. This is the first time this has happened in American history.

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