Duke Look To Continue Their Undefeated Streak

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

After Duke’s most recent game, which was a hard and close game against Virginia, they look to stay undefeated as the season goes on. Their next game is today at 9PM EST against Louisville. Louisville only has one "bigger" guy, which primarily serves as defense against layups and easy shots in offense. If Duke wants to stay with a very small amount of wins, next game they will need to play big in the paint and use their size to their advantage. Using their height in the paint has helped them all season making them the 2nd-best rebounding team in the country!

Not only does Duke show dominance in the paint, but they also have decent 3-point shooting. In the past four games, they have shot better than 40% from the three-point line. They have been averaging a fair amount of blocks and steals this past season as well. Since their offense has been great lately, then the only thing they really need to focus on is their defense.

In conclusion, Duke has shown some talent this season and may make it far in the NCAA tournament in March. If they keep using their height and shooting ability to their advantage they will be a hard team to beat, no matter what team they play.

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