Dutch Students Skip School To March Against Climate Change

AFP Photo/Remko de Waal

Last week, Dutch students skipped school to partake in a march for more attention towards global warming and the problems that come from it. The students hope to spread the idea of stopping the rising intensity of climate change so that in the future, mankind can continue to do great things.

Pierre Viguier, a student partaking in the protest stated that "It's our generation that is coming so it will be up to us to deal with the consequences of what is happening now. So if we change now, we will have less to change in the future.” This has conveyed that the Dutch students partaking in the protest are focused on saving the human race from inevitable problems that could stunt our growth as a species.

The Dutch protests were not inspired by just the students, but a vast network of protesters trying to make efforts to eliminate climate change. However, the network is not just based in the Netherlands. The network is quite large, and has spread across the Netherlands along with other European countries such as Belgium, but it is still larger in the Netherlands.

The reason that Dutch students are protesting more commonly than in the Netherlands than other European countries is that the Netherlands is very reliant on greenhouse gases. There are some protests in Belgium for the same reason, but the problem in the Netherlands is much more severe. The Dutch students protesting has inspired some officials in the Netherlands to focus on the large problem of global warming. In fact, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte stated in an interview that he thought the protests were an amazing feat, but he also stated that his cabinet had already taken severe measures to help undo the consequences of climate change and stop it before it gets worse. He referred to how the Dutch court ordered the Dutch government to reduce greenhouse gases by 25%.

The protests are a good start to stopping global warming before it gets worse, but there is still many actions that need to be taken if we want to help recuperate the Earth before the effects of global warming harmed it.

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