Elon Musk has a Tunnel-Sized fail.

Let’s get real, people give Elon Musk way too much credit. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do not hate Elon Musk, but his ‘Traffic Saving Tunnel’ is a failure. He found a way to reinvent the subway, but make it worse. If they go through with the plan to allow everyday cars into it, I think it defeats the purpose. The models with subway similar carts might work. Although, think of everything that could go wrong with normal cars. Imagine if someone’s car broke down inside of it. There are now exit tunnels from the images we can see, and if a fire started it would be inescapable. He promised this:

But we got some car in a tunnel looking like this:

Now, I have to give him some credit, this is just a trial or concept of it. It would need to seriously improve to be useful.

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