EU Parliament Scraps Article 13 Negotiations

European Parliament

On Monday, the EU parliament was supposed to finalize Article 13, but the negotiations were scrapped after 11 member states voted against a compromise text proposed by Romania. Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Finland, Slovenia, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Croatia, Luxembourg and Portugal rejected the controversial bill. Romania will have an opportunity to revise their text to attempt to get a majority vote on the legislation. Negotiations for the bill will be delayed and this creates more opportunity for bill to be taken down.

The EU Copyright Directive was first proposed in 2016. Article 13 is only one section of the bill. It wasn’t until the summer of 2018 that the proposed legislation became well known among the general public.The bill holds sites accountable for copyright violations rather than the person who violated copyright rules. The vagueness of article 13 means that a person in the EU can legally get sued for using copyrighted work. This includes reactions to somebody else’s work. This is a big problem for Youtube as many content creators use the work of other people. On September, Article 13 was passed by the parliament and lawmakers have been negotiating on it since.

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