Fans Storm Onto the Court After Utah State Beats Nevada

On March 2nd, #12 Nevada played against Utah State and lost 76 - 81. This was a huge win for Utah State because it made Utah State #1 in its conference. The Utah State fans were storming onto the court after the game to be with their team and celebrate the victory. This really upset the Nevada players, since they had just lost a game and storming onto the court while they are still on it can be seen as rude and unnecessary.

At the same time, fans storming on the court is a way of celebration and doesn’t involve the other team. Nevada players reported fans touching and verbally abusing them. #24 Jordan Caroline for Nevada punched out the glass of a fire extinguisher case and used violent profanity. Following this, some staff for Nevada were having a verbal argument with some police about fans on the court touching Nevada’s players.

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