FedEx is Planning to Use Delivery Robots

FedEx is planning to try making deliveries through the use of robots. It was announced today by FedEx that they were going to create a robot that they call SameDayBot, which will be able to travel without any human assistance and make deliveries. This robot can help make deliveries within one day, hence the name.

FedEx claims that the robot will not be a replacement for their current same-day delivery service but rather help to compliment it. The robot will be using technology such as cameras and machine learning in order to avoid running into objects and pedestrians. The first test of the robot will be taking place in Memphis, Tennessee; Walmart, Pizza Hut, and Autozone have agreed to test the robot with their delivery services. While FedEx is making delivery robots, other companies such as Google and Amazon are attempting to deliver their products with drones by air.

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