FSU Beats Louisville In Overtime

Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

For most of the FSU vs Louisville game, which took place on Saturday, FSU was trailing behind Louisville. However, during overtime, FSU won 80-75—giving FSU the longest winning streak in ACC games since 2012.

Louisville, being in the lead for most of the game, was unprepared for a scoring spree by FSU, which led to eight points being made in short succession. In response to this, Louisville started shooting from the three-point line, cutting FSU’s lead to just one point. However, Louisville quickly lost after they fouled twice, giving FSU a four-point lead. An attempt at a three-pointer failed, ensuring FSU’s victory.

Despite Louisville’s greater three-point accuracy, their turnovers were their Achilles’ heel. Louisville had 22 turnovers, which amounted to 32 points made by FSU. When compared to FSU’s 8 turnovers (leading to 5 points made by Louisville), the result of the game is obvious.

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