Germany Plans To Close All Coal-Fired Power Plants In The Country By 2038

The Coal Commission of Germany recently announced that they had reached a deal to close all coal-fired power plants in the country by 2038 in an effort to fight climate change. The commission said that they will give $45.7 Billion (40 Billion Euros) in aid to the regions affected by the elimination of coal power plants. This is a daunting task as Germany relies on coal for more than a third of their energy.

"This plan will make it possible to achieve climate change goals set by the German government, but it will also, and this is important, achieve affordable and secure energy supplies if the German government implements our recommendations." said Barbara Praetorius, one of the leaders of the commission.

"A large majority of the population stands behind this exit from coal, but it must be reliable, affordable and acceptable for the regions."

This is a big deal because if Germany manages gets rid of its dependency on coal, it would lead to more countries becoming coal-free.

Many believe this should be done quicker. One person is Martin Kaiser, the head of Greenpeace. “The speed is wrong,” said Kaiser “Exiting coal by the year 2038 only is unacceptable.” Kaiser believes that Germany should phase-out their coal power plants by 2030 instead of 2038.

A poll from a ZDF, a public broadcasting company, found that over 70% of Germans agree that quick exit from coal is important.

Although the Coal Commission approved the deal, it has not yet been approved by the rest of the German Government.

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