Government Shutdown Explained

Carlos Barria/Reuters

Today the US entered its twenty-second day in the 2018-2019 partial government shutdown making this the longest shutdown since shutdowns have been documented (1980), but what does that mean for Americans?

Many are concerned about food safety. Well, thankfully, most foods will continue to be inspected. According to Vox, only food in low-risk facilities won’t be inspected. Inspections will continue at high-risk facilities and USDA inspections of meat, poultry, and eggs will continue. So it is safe to eat food, but be careful to wash your food just in case.

If you are traveling, be careful because many TSA employees are reporting themselves as sick. This may be because they aren’t being paid. Let's not forget many federal employees are being furloughed, meaning they are being given sort of a vacation till the government reopens. Employees being furloughed are the non-essential workers, but things are worse for the essential workers. Essential workers are being forced to work with no pay in sight.

Usually, the IRS would be closed during a government shutdown but the Trump administration has confirmed that tax returns will go out earlier this week. Be careful and let's hope this shutdown gets resolved.

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