Gucci Makes A "Racist" Jacket

Gucci released a new shirt that is currently controversial for imitating black face. The jacket features a turtle neck going halfway up the head and has a red mouth hole, and the jacket is all black.

People were outraged on twitter about this, and many wonder, "Who at Gucci thought this was a good idea?"

One theory is that it was one of those scenarios where everyone was thinking the same thing but no one wanted to be that guy who said it looked like blackface, so it went up and no one wanted to say anything.

I think this is unlikely, since you would usually try to avoid a twitter outrage mob at all costs.

Or there is another option, this was a PR Stunt by Gucci. Think about it, when was the last time you Tweeted, or talked about Gucci? Now Gucci is on Twitter trending, and there are tons of articles.

All press is good press, right?

I am not sure if this will hurt them long term, but having people now interested in your products might pay off, we will see.

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