Howard Schultz Criticizes The Green New Deal

On Tuesday, Howard Schultz, the former CEO of Starbucks and a potential presidential candidate, criticized the Green New Deal at a CNN town hall.

“Let’s be sensible about what we're suggesting, let’s not just throw things against a wall because it’s a good slogan or we get a press release. Let’s be truthful,” Schultz stated. “When I see politicians start throwing things out that I know is not realistic, that is not being honest with the American people.”

Schultz believes that the many Democrats are calling for too much spending on healthcare, education, and clean energy.

“When I read the Green New Deal and I try to understand what they’re suggesting, I don’t understand how you’re going to give a job to everybody, how you’re going to give free college to everybody, how you’re going to create clean energy throughout the country in every building of the land, and then tally this thing up with $32 trillion on Medicare for All. That’s about $40 trillion plus, we are sitting with $22 trillion of debt on the balance sheet of America,” he said.

Howard Schultz also described the Green New Deal as “immoral”.

“I think it’s immoral to suggest that we can tally up 20, 30, 40 $50 trillion of debt to solve a problem that can be solved in a different way. It’s not that they’re disingenuous, I think they’re well-intentioned. This is not personal, I just don’t agree that this is the right way to approach things.”

When Schultz announced that he was considering a run for President as an Independent, he received backlash from Democrats. Many Democrats claimed that Schultz was taking votes from the Democratic party and making it easier for Trump to win. We will see if he actually decides to run for President.

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