Huawei Introduces Their New Foldable Phone

On Sunday, Huawei introduced their new foldable phone, the Mate X. The new Mate X will be more expensive, around $2,600, than any other phone that has been released in the past two years. To contrast, Samsung’s folding phone only costs around $1,980, which is significantly more affordable than Huawei’s phone. The foldable phone will also be supporting 5G. The CEO of Huawei, Richard Yu, said, “We want to show the world that 5G can make the world better.”

The Mate X folds in the outward direction while the Galaxy Fold, Samsung’s folding phone, folds in the inward direction. When folded in half, Huawei’s phone has a screen size of about 6.6 inches on the front and has a 6.38-inch display on the back. When not folded, it has a total screen size of around 8 inches. When the phone is folded, it locks together through the use of a secure latch. In order to release the latch, you have to press a button that is located on the other side of the device. According to Huawei, the phone can be folded around 100,000 times before it starts to degrade, meaning that after very many folds, your $2,600 could end up being wasted.

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