Is AMD Better Than Intel?

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AMD and Intel are the 2 biggest CPU manufacturers for computers. But which one is better?

AMD’s Ryzen series is their main platform of CPUs, and with the new 3000 series coming out, it's getting a lot of support. Ryzen has more cores overall than Intel, has lower prices, and all Ryzen CPUs come with good stock coolers. Their 7 series is mainly directed towards productivity, streaming, and gaming. With eight cores, all of these tasks can be easily accomplished. Ryzen 5 is the more budget version, and it can perform gaming tasks, streaming, and editing while only having six cores. Ryzen 3 is the entry point, sporting four cores which is sufficient for gaming and everyday use. But Ryzens iGPU is overall much better than Intel’s, with their Ryzen 3 2200g’s iGPU being better than Intel’s significantly more expensive i9 9900k. The Ryzen Threadripper has 32 cores and are much more expensive, but are better for productivity.

Intel’s CPUs are better for gaming, though not by much, due to faster single core speed. As of March 11, 2019, the i7 8700k costs $360 and the Ryzen 7 2700x coming in at $280. The Ryzen 7 has better workstation performance, and the 8700k has more gaming performance. The i9 9900k is Intel’s best gaming CPU, and it is currently the best for gaming, but it costs $530. However, it still has the same core count as the Ryzen 7 2700x. Intel’s high core count chips include the i9 X series, which have CPUs with ten cores or more, but a price of $800 or more.

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