Kamala Harris Announces Her Run For President

Photo: Chris Delmas/ AFP / Getty Images

On Monday Senator Kamala Harris of California announced that she would run for the 2020 Presidential Election. Harris has gained the attention of thousands. She has done this by speaking out to minority groups and women, and showing them that she knows how they feel. Harris, whom’s parents are immigrants from India and Jamaica, wants to convey how women and minority groups can be stronger than they may seem.

She has become extremely popular with liberal activists, as she criticizes the Trump administration. If she is elected in 2020 as she hopes, she will pursue to change immigration and criminal laws, along with making Healthcare available for any citizen of the United States.

However, in order to become president to make those changes, she has to become the democratic candidate for 2020. This will mean that she has to go against over a dozen other candidates by reaching out to the people. This is what her slogan represents, as it is “For the People”.

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