Kentucky Defeats Tennessee By A Score Of 86-69

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Yesterday, The Tennessee Volunteers were facing Kentucky. Tennessee was ranked the #1 team in the country, and Kentucky was ranked #5. The experts made a prediction that Tennessee would lose by 2.5 points (this is for betting reasons since you can’t score half a point). It may seem odd that the experts would predict #1 to lose to #5, but the main reason was that Kentucky was the home team and that is a real big advantage.

Let's backtrack. At the beginning of the season, Kentucky was looking like they deserved that number one spot. Their team is well-prepared, so it wouldn’t have been surprising if they were #1. The reason that didn't happen though was because of their opening game. Their opening game was against the Duke Blue Devils, and Kentucky got destroyed. They lost by a whopping 34 points, with the score being 118-84. An interesting thing that happened during the game was that Duke scored 59 both halves and Kentucky scored 42 both halves. After that game, there hasn’t been much news about Kentucky. Until yesterday, that is.

As mentioned earlier, Tennessee came into this game being the underdog. The first half ended with Kentucky up by six points. Within the first seven minutes off the second half, Kentucky enlarged their lead to 24. Tennessee had a few small streaks, but not enough to win the game. Kentucky had the lead most of the game. In the end, Kentucky pulled out the win with the final score being 86-69. The teams will face each other again on March 2nd.

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