Opinion: Kyler Murray doesn't deserve to be harassed.

Kyler Murray made homophobic tweets when he was 14

and 15 years old. No one is denying that this was wrong, but someone shouldn’t be punished for tweets they made when they were still young. He also apologized for what he did. (Tweet linked below). Not to condone what he tweeted, but the tweets did not get any worse than using “Queer” in a derogatory manner. I personally think that this was caused by "Mob mentality", where a group of people start getting outraged and turn a molehill into a mountain. People should actually think independently, especially when someone’s job and reputation is on the line. Also, if this reporter didn’t dig these tweets up for “Clout and Clicks”, why would he report on this just as he is getting a lot of attention after winning the Heisman Award?

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