LA Teachers Go On Strike

Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times

On Monday, teachers in Los Angeles started going on strike because their demands were not met. Teachers in the strike want reduced class sizes, less standardized testing, and a 6.5% increase in salary, and an increased support staff such as nurses, librarians, counselors, and etc. This strike is the first teacher strike of 2019.

The strike has affected schools in the area in negative ways. During the past 3 days, schools in Los Angeles have lost a total of $15 million. Instead of the schools closing, the teachers on strike have been replaced by substitutes. The substitutes aren’t as good as regular teachers and this has caused students to not learn as well as they were learning before. Many parents have kept their students home because they support the teachers on strike or because of the regular teachers being replaced by substitutes.

LAUSD presented the UTLA with a deal that would meet the teachers need. This includes reducing class size, ensuring no increase in any class sizes, and increasing support staff. This deal was not accepted by the UTLA and the strike still continues.

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