Large Razor Wall Is Put Up On The Arizona Border

On the Arizona Border in Nogales, large foils of razor wire were put up to combat what the President called a, “tremendous onslaught” of migrants. The barbed wire goes all the way to the ground, and some have considered that unnecessary, and even inhumane.

This has been considered to be a move from the President to make it look like there is rampant crime on the border, which is not the case. President Trump has also sent almost 4,000 troops to the border. It seems like he is pushing the narrative that everyone south of the border is a criminal.

When asked, Mayor Arturo Garino said, “That wire is lethal, and I really don’t know what they’re thinking by putting it all the way down to the ground.”

The numbers of border arrests are going down, while the amount of troops on the border has nearly doubled. We need to stop treating all Mexicans like criminals.

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